How to meditate

How to meditate

Meaning of meditation

Meditation means a stable experience of transparent bliss. In meditation, one realizes that one’s true identity is pure awareness, blissful and eternal.

Why can’t one experience what one really is? Why one requires doing meditation for that?

It is like trying to see what lies at the bottom of a dirty and turbulent lake. How can one see through unless the dirt and agitations cease. The Self is ever shining, but is covered by the agitations of the mind. As soon as detachment and silence happens in the mind, the experience of the Eternal Blissful Awareness takes place.

How to silence the mind?

It can happen through contemplation on the nature of mind. One needs to withdraw from the relative world of thoughts – i.e., one’s mental formations of good-bad, sin-virtue, preference-aversion etc. – and attain a state of peaceful fulfilment first. This is a necessary prerequisite. When inner peace is experienced, the knowledge of the Self will shine without much effort.

Some important hints

  • While contemplating, let the back, neck and head be in a straight line. This ensures alertness.
  • Don’t start the work as soon as you sit. Wait for a while and watch the agitations subside first.
  • The work should emphasize on the evolution of understanding and not just on concentration.
  • Use real life situations to integrate and digest the insights gained in meditation.
  • Even if you are not able to have focus and peace in the beginning, have patience. As the understanding will deepen, meditation will become better.

The preparatory contemplation work

Sit straight and watch the breath. With the in-breath, mentally say ‘This Moment’, and with the out-breath, mentally say ‘Mindful Moment’. Keep a watch over the other thoughts arising. There will come a time when you will be lost in those thoughts and you will no longer be doing the exercise.

When you regain awareness after a while, ask yourself these question:

Was I aware when these thought were there?
Do I want to be aware?
What is stopping me?
Then, go back to “This Moment. Mindful Moment.”

This is the first step toward being aware. Most of the time you remain lost in your day dreams. Later on, the deep deconditioning inquiry will help in deepening the meditation further and you will learn to dig out the root-conditionings from these thoughts. That will certainily lead to a state of unconditioned peace, love and freedom, Love and Blessings.