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The Science Of Happiness

We motivate you to stay
Happy, Loving and Beautiful.

You need strong determination and clarity to be happy. If you wait for people or circumstances to change, you will never ever be able to experience true happiness. For most people in the world, unhappiness has become a persistent habit. They don’t want to change their way of thinking. The irony is that most of us who are suffering know the cause of suffering too. But, we are too indecisive to act and be free.

Z Meditation is a Cognitive Meditation Work that aims at going to the deep subconscious roots of suffering which hide in the mind in the form of false beliefs and conditionings. Once a Z Meditator becomes aware of their presence, (s)he can use two logical tools – Deep Deconditioning Inquiry and Radiant Mantras – to root them out. This results in the experience of unconditioned peace, freedom and love.

When you will leave the retreat after one week, your whole perspective on life changes.  You stop blaming anybody else for who you are and how you feel. You realize that you are the only person responsible for your happiness, as well as unhappiness. Your mind achieves a calm and freedom that you might never have experienced before. 

If there are some deep hurts hidden inside, you will be able to let them go. Your relationship with your family, friends and relatives will improve a lot. You will be a new person altogether. As they say in our scriptures, you will get a new birth – a spiritual one.

Benefits of Z M

Increased Self-Awareness

Through the practice of Deep Deconditioning Inquiry and Radiant Mantras, you will develop a greater understanding of your subconscious conditionings that may be holding you back from experiencing true happiness.

Inner Peace and Calm

Z Meditation will help quiet the mind and promote a state of deep relaxation, resulting in a sense of inner fulfillment and calm. You will see that your whole life will become much more joyful.

Spiritual growth

The retreat offers a path for spiritual growth and development. By connecting with your inner self and cultivating inner peace, you can experience a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Improved Relationships

As you become more aware of your own belief and behavior patterns, you will gain greater insight into the perspectives of others. This can lead to more empathetic and compassionate relationship with those around you.

Greater Resilience

Z Meditation will help you build emotional resilience and a sense of inner strength, enabling you to navigate life's challenges with grace and ease.

Enhanced Physical and Mental Well-being

Studies have shown that meditation has a range of positive effects on physical and mental health - from reducing stress and anxiety to improving sleep, immune function, and overall well-being.

Not a victim anymore

You will refuse to let anybody shatter your peace. You will no longer suffer due to the opinions of others, or whether the weather is pleasant or not, or if they understand your standpoint or not.

Unconditioned love

True love will bloom in your heart. It is very different from being overly sentimental, attached and dependent that only leads to suffering. You will want to become a personification of loving kindness.

Clear Priorities

You will do what you ought to do and you don’t do what you don’t have to. You are able to weigh the pros and cons of your actions in the light of your clear goals. Your mind attains freedom from all confusion.


We have been conducting these silent meditation retreats for the last twenty-seven years. Thousands of students have felt a lasting change in their lives. Here are a few accounts of their experiences:

My experience has been nothing less than fabulous. I can’t really put it in words. I have discovered my true Self.

Do you want to be happy? Live a life full of kindness and fulfilment? Are you ready to change? Then, do visit this place.

It has been an absolutely an eye-opening and wonderful experience for me. I am shocked at how easy and accessible they make meditation and getting to know yourself.

This retreat has opened my eyes to some truths of life – extreme profound wisdom – which I am going to take back with me.

It exceeded my expectations. The tools are really transformative. It is the perfect balance of being about the Self, without being selfish.

This is one experience that I cannot trade for anything else. I learned here how to be kind to yourself. I learned a lot and taking a lot with me.

The focus here is on understanding what the reason for your clutter is and how you can remove it. Once you remove that, you can be happy all the time.

I feel incredibly happy and peaceful. The gifts you receive here are immesurable. You get all the tools that you need in your life to be happy.

Coming to Z Meditation was a beautiful experience. Though I have been to different retreats, but here, they make the concepts so clear that it goes deep inside you.

The teacher

कृष्णं वन्दे जगद्गुरुम्

The author of three books 'Free Your Mind', 'Freedom Is Your Only Choice’ and ‘Meditation : Obstacles and Preparations’, Ajay Kapoor was instrumental in founding Z Meditation in 1996.
He considers himself an ardent student of Shri Krishna. By His Grace, Ajay has tried to remove all mystery from ‘meditation’ and made it simple to understand and practice.

Z M Gallery
Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, this place is a veritable paradise of joy, love and wisdom. As thousands of sincere seekers have blessed this place by meditating here for several days, Z Meditation Center is a spiritually charged place. You will feel the presence of the Light of Krishna who will guide you on your journey.
Z M Logistics

In order to benefit fully from the retreats, please go through all the following links thoroughly before signing up.

Daily Schedule

0730                  Wake-up bell
0800 - 0930     Meditation
0930 - 1030      Eating Meditation
1030 - 1130        Profound Assignment
1130 - 1300        Creative Meditation
1300 - 1400       Eating Meditation
1400 - 1600       Self-Study / Siesta
1600 - 1700       Meditation and Pranayama 
1700 - 1800       Walking Meditation
1800 - 1930       Meditation & Q/A
1930 - 2030      Eating Meditation
2030 - 2100      Meditation
2100 - 2200      Profound Assignment
2200                 Yoga Nidra

The Discipline

Our mission at Z Meditation Center is to help people become happy, loving and healthy in their mind and bodies. In order to achieve this with the teachings of The Gita, we need to maintain a serene environment at Z Meditation Center. We ask our students to maintain absolute silence during the retreat period. All their communication will happen in writing.
We also ask them not to disturb others in any way and have empathy for each others' inner journey.

Code of conduct

All students are required to follow the following code of conduct for the smooth running of the retreats. Although everything will be re-explained during the orientation before the retreat and silence begin, you may still prepare yourself beforehand for this sublime inner journey.


  • Silence at all times during the retreat days.


  • This is not a course for the adventure seekers. Only those who have a sincere desire to learn meditation and integrate it with their lives can join.
  • While doing meditation, it is recommended to sit with spine straight.
  • While moving, see that the person sitting next to you does not get disturbed.
  • No lying down or sleeping during meditation sessions.
  • Do not wear strong perfumes or alarms.
  • Remain in the meditation room until the teacher has left.
  • For the Q/A sessions, write down the questions neatly and place them in the ‘Question’ box.


  • Attend all classes as each class contributes to the next.


  • Come at least five minutes before the meditation class begins.


  • Food is vegetarian and conducive to meditation.
  • Do not waste food as it is blessed and is given to the needy afterwards.
  • Do not bring any eatables and stick to our diet.


  • For drinking and brushing your teeth, use water from the RO filter that is installed next to the dining hall.
  • Do not waste water.


  • Every time you leave the bathroom, see that it is clean.

Keep your room tidy.


  • Please bring clothes for one week. If need be and if there is no water shortage during your stay, you may do your own laundry.


  • Light, comfortable and non-provocative clothes.


  • Do not use any intoxicants like cigarettes, alcohol and drugs etc. during the course period.


  • Ladies and Gents will be given separate accommodation.
  • It is a silent course, but in case of emergency, knock on the kitchen door.
  • For better concentration, the bladder should be empty and the bowels evacuated.
  • For safety, always keep your valuables and documents with you.
  • While leaving the room, see that it is properly locked. The Centre is not responsible for any mishap.
  • One carrying the keys from the room may hang them on the hanger inside the Meditation Hall.
  • Do not bang the doors.
  • Particular care should be taken to switch off the lights and close the water taps before leaving the room.
  • Do not lean against the railing.
  • Do not play music, sing or hum.
  • Bring your own torch, umbrella, alarm clock and necessary articles of daily use. 
  • If you suffer from any disease, please intimate in advance.
  • In case of indiscipline, you may be asked to leave the course.


  • The fee needs to be paid in advance and it is non-refundable. We want to ensure that only willing and sincere students join the retreats. We don’t want to spoil the group energy in any way. Also, the seats are limited.


  • We expect all students to follow Covid appropriate behaviour as stipulated by the Govt. of India. Z Meditation Center will not be responsible for any mishappening due to Covid or any other medical conditions.


Z Meditation staff will try their best to make you feel at home while you are staying with them.

You will find your new home in India without the busy schedules and checklists to keep you occupied! However, please go through the following checklist:


  • Passport / Aadhaar Card
  • Flight Tickets and Visa for India
  • Warm clothes as it can be cool to cold throughout the year
  • Woollen shawl (useful for lectures and meditation)
  • Comfortable clothes for meditation. Please bring clothes for one week. If need be and if there is no water shortage during your stay, you may do your own laundry.
  • Walking shoes

  • Your personal towel
  • Torch
  • Umbrella or raincoat, as it may rain any time of the year
  • All your personal stuff
  • Medicines that you are not able to do without
  • And most important, an open mind


  • Bedding material like sheets, pillows, blankets etc.
  • Food items as you will be requested to stick to the diet provided at the Center.
  • Meditation Cushions

We will make sure that your stay at Z Meditation Center is very comfortable. It is going to be a memorable-for-life experience.

How to reach Z Meditation Center DHARAMSALA, HIMACHAL PRADESH

  • By Rail : – Nearest Broad Gauge Stations are Pathankot / Chakki Bank (90 Kms) and Una (100 Kms).
  • By Air :- Dharamsala Airport, Gaggal 18 Kms. We can arrange for your paid pick-up from the Airport.
  • By Road :-A/c and Luxury Bus Service and Taxies available from :- Delhi(510 Kms), Shimla(235 Kms), Pathankot(90 Kms) Chandigarh(260 Kms), Manali(250 Kms) and Jammu(200 Kms).

Z Meditation Center is surrounded by the majestic Himalayas. The view is astounding and the quietness is very helpful for deep meditation. 

Upcoming Retreats

One-week Z Meditation Retreats are held once a month. You are supposed to reach Z Meditation Center before 1 pm on the first day. On the last day, the retreat will finish around 11 AM.


It is based on which accommodation type you want. For Indians, for Dorm, it is Rs. 18000; for double room, Rs. 30000; and for single room, Rs. 60000. And for foreigners, it is USD 300, 500 and 1000 respectively.

Anybody who is rational, objective and wishes to experience a state of unconditioned peace, love and freedom will find it life changing.

One who is coming just for curiosity or some kind of adventure like hiking, paragliding, etc. Also, one who is irrational in thinking and has no desire to change.

You can do that only if you want to practice meditation. You need to pay Rs.4000 or Rs.8000 per person for double or single room respectively.

Yes. Go to the ‘Preparation’ section and you will see the necessary preparations before you come here.

In Kandi, four kms from the town of Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh, India. It is situated amidst the grandeur of the Himalayas. 

Flight from New Delhi is one possibility.
Or, by bus (to Dharamsala from Delhi), or train (to Pathankot Cantt. And then cab).

No. You cannot benefit from this work if you come for 2-3 days only. In case you are really short of time, then you can do the two levels at different times. 
In case you choose to do level one of four days only, the fee will be 75% of the regular amount.

Vegetarian. Healthful. Sattwic. Made with love and awareness. It is conducive to health and meditation.

You can get a cab on your own or contact a known Cabbie, Anil, at his mobile: 98054-94051.

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The retreat in April has no space now.
The next Silent Z Meditation Retreats will happen from June 21st to 30th at Z Meditation Center, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India.

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