Close your eyes and Meditate. You will find solution to all your problems in the teachings of Shri Krishna.

Be Happy

Let not your happiness get disturbed by any external factor. This is your most important Dharma in life. 

Start Doing

Get up and get going. Let your thoughts turn into great actions for the good of yourself and other fellow beings.





Work Smarter

Dexterity is Yoga.
The combination of Joy, Awareness and Love is Dexterity.

Meet Great People

Satsang will not only rejuvenate you, it will also give you a fresh perspective to face various challenges.

Become a Better You

Let your beliefs evolve to the heights of selflessness.

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Z Meditation
Welcome to Z Meditation.
The next Z Meditation Retreat of one week will happen from Feb 24th to March 3rd at Z Meditation Center, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India.
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