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Why do we have problems in our relationships?

Let us try to figure out why chasms are created in our relationships? It is not only about the relationship of spouses or boyfriends-girlfriends, some of the below mentioned causes can be true for any relationship problems. If we are going through a difficult time, let us ask ourselves why is it happening?


Is it insecurity of some kind?

Or, past traumas?

Or, the feeling that ‘I cannot be loved’?
Or, lies, infidelity and cheating on a partner?
Or, ignoring the red flags that you were aware of earlier, but you kept ignoring?
Or, Is it the non acceptance of the difference in opinions?
Or, extinguished passion?
Or, the understanding coming late that ‘I cannot grow with this person’?
Or, the lack of communication?
Or, was it based on some ulterior motives from the beginning itself?
Or, lack of space because the partner is too possessive?
Or, was it just based on ‘sex’ and you start looking for somebody else to satisfy your lust?
Or, the breaking of your fairy-tale of a prince charming?
Or, taking your partner for granted?
Or, the perpetual blame game being played out?
Or, change in your personality as you mature?
Or, you develop new hobbies?
Or, the lack of emotional intimacy?
Or, was it just flirting from the beginning itself?

What we need to understand is that all such problems begin in the mind. If we need to mend something, it is the mind that is direly in need of deep repair. In order to sort things out, we have to gather courage to look within ourselves and remove all unconscious conditionings that are holding us back.

At Z Meditation Retreats, you get two super-effective tools of Deep Deconditioning Inquiry and Radiant Mantras to achieve Clarity and Peace.

For understanding how this Retreat helps, go through the videos in the Testimonials and The Work section of the website. You will get a lot of understanding about how this deep work can be beneficial to you.





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