Four Yogas: Paths to Enlightenment

The four Yogas are the four main paths or approaches in Hindu philosophy and spiritual practice towards the goal of attaining liberation or enlightenment, known as moksha. These four paths are:

  1. Jnana Yoga: This is the path of knowledge or wisdom. It involves the cultivation of the intellect and the understanding of the true nature of the self, which is said to be pure consciousness beyond the limitations of the mind and body. Jnana Yoga emphasizes the study of scriptures, contemplation, and self-inquiry.

  2. Bhakti Yoga: This is the path of devotion or love. It involves the cultivation of intense devotion and love towards a personal deity or the divine, through prayer, worship, and rituals. Bhakti Yoga emphasizes the importance of surrendering one’s ego and offering everything to the divine.

  3. Karma Yoga: This is the path of action or selfless service. It involves performing actions without attachment to the fruits of those actions, and with the intention of serving others or the divine. Karma Yoga emphasizes the importance of performing one’s duty without expectation of reward or recognition.

  4. Raja Yoga: This is the path of meditation or inner control. It involves the control of the mind and the senses through meditation, concentration, and breathing techniques. Raja Yoga emphasizes the attainment of inner peace, self-realization, and union with the divine through the practice of meditation.

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