Eating Meditation

When you eat, you are basically trying to get the most out of your food. But if you can slow down and think about each bite, then it’ll be more than just eating – it will be meditation!

There are several important things to keep in mind when you’re eating.

Eat slowly and take your time chewing your food well. Don’t eat too much at one time. 

Be aware of the whole eating process—from preparing food, washing dishes, cooking it (and washing up afterwards), serving yourself up tasty morsels…and then finally enjoying them! This can be meditative. Make sure that each bite is savored rather than rushed through so quickly that it doesn’t taste as good or leave any lasting memory behind (which can happen if we rush through our meals). 

It also helps us to appreciate where our food comes from: farmers who grow crops; animals who provide milk products; people who work at farms etc…the list goes on! By being aware of these facts while enjoying our meals we will feel grateful for what we have been given rather than just filling ourselves up.

Keep all the following points in mind:

Be Aware

Focus on the food.

Be aware of your hand movements and actions as they happen.

Be aware of what you are eating, how it tastes and feels in your mouth.

Be aware of the delicious taste of food.

Be aware of the texture and various elements that are now mixing in your mouth.

Be Grateful and eat with Love

Be grateful for everyone who has helped in bringing this food for you.

Be grateful to everyone who has helped in bringing this food for you.

Be grateful to the farmers who grew the food.

Be grateful to the truck drivers who transported the food.

Be grateful to the shopkeepers or other traders who sold it to you.

Be grateful to the person who cooked the food.

Be grateful to the person who brought the food to you.

Be grateful to the ever-bountiful Nature.

Be grateful to the ever-bountiful Nature: the Sun, the Moon, and the Entire Universe. 

Be grateful to water, fire, sky and air–and every atom in the Universe!

When you finish, get up with a sense of infinite gratitude. Give thanks again to the Mother Earth and all its bounty: the Sun, the Moon and Stars, rainbows and every flower in bloom. Feel gratitude for your own body, which allows you to enjoy this food.

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