Causes of breakups

Have you gone through a painful process of divorce or breakup recently? Any of the following could have been be the causes that could have initiated this mishap in your life. But, you need to understand that the real solution didn’t lie in changing others. It involved serious work on your own mind.

Is it insecurity that leads to breakups?

Or, past traumas?
Or, the feeling that ‘I cannot be loved’?
Or, lies, infidelity and cheating on a partner?
Or, ignoring the red flags that you were aware of, but kept ignoring?
Or, Is it the non-acceptance of the difference in opinions?
Or, extinguished passion?
Or, the understanding coming late that ‘I cannot grow with this person’?
Or, the lack of communication?
Or, was it based on some ulterior motives from the beginning itself?
Or, lack of space because the partner is too possessive?
Or, was it just based on ‘sex’ and you start looking for some other people to
satisfy your lust?
Or, the breaking of your fairy tale of a prince charming?
Or, taking your partner for granted?
Or, is the perpetual blame game being played out?
Or, change in your personality as you mature?
Or, you develop new hobbies?
Or, the lack of emotional intimacy?
Or, was it just flirting from the beginning itself?

So whatever has happened, accept it and get your lessons from it. Let it make you a better version of yourself.

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