Low Self Esteem

Brief Introduction of Low Self Esteem

LSE arises from an understanding that one is inferior to others. It results in a feeling of meekness, fear and shrinking. The cause of LSE is one’s giving excessive importance to money, status, objects of senses or people etc. Seeing others having more than oneself, one tends to fall into LSE. One who is gripped by LSE will cringe before others and will sadly brood over one’s misfortune and others’ fortune.
The feelings of ego, lust, anger, LSE, greed, attachment, jealousy, sadness and excitement etc. are all governed by the understanding of the person. Having illusory conditionings alive in one’s system, it is not possible to get rid of these feelings and hence, it is not possible to attain peace also.

The reality is that the understanding that gives importance to the external objects for one’s happiness is illusory. True happiness happens when this understanding itself is dropped – lasting peace and wholeness is attained thereby. Otherwise, one goes on experiencing excitement or misery, in one form or the other.

First and foremost is the understanding that one need not follow what others are doing. That is not the way to happiness. Happiness is the real need and not the objects of the senses. It is only when things get muddled in the mind and one starts believing that the objects must be desired in order to be happy, that one becomes miserable.
For bringing about this correction in understanding, deep contemplation is the way. Yes, very deep contemplation. One should sit with oneself and think about the rightness or wrongness of the perspective that is controlling one’s life.

Deep Inquiry consists of six brilliant questions that help in removing the dust of illusions and re-creating the true happiness state that is one’s birth right. When you do this work in a silent retreat, the effects are astounding. One enters the retreat Ms. XYZ and comes out Ms. ABC. One’s entire understanding gets overhauled.
Beyond that, one experiences the truth of the Mantras, the age old wisdom of the Self. One realizes one’s true nature and gets a very effective tool to go back home with. After that, one just needs to practice daily for keeping the flame shining.