Z Meditation Technique

Z Meditation Technique and Principles

A Brief Audio Introduction to the Z Meditation Technique

In Z Meditation Retreats, the state of blissful awareness is reached by deconditioning the mind of its absurd and painful stories using Deep Deconditioning Inquiry. There are so many unconscious beliefs that affect our actions and reactions. We learn to become aware of them and understand their effect on the mind.
Following videos with Darcey, Cathy and Lewis will give you a glimpse of the work of deconditioning.

Part I

Part II

I am not beautiful !!!

Problems of Life

Purpose of Meditation

The sweetest and highest possibility of a human being is to live in happiness and love. But when you look around, you see that almost everybody is living very far away from this pristine state of being. The vision of Z Meditation is to bring those who are sincere and willing back home. Those who have run far away from themselves and who want to come back to their centre may need some compassionate help, guidance and tools to be able to do so.
We wish to guide the sincere seekers and provide them with tools for elevating their minds to the highest possibility.

Coming home is possible only by gaining and practicing right knowledge. It also requires letting go of the wrong knowledge. If you see a snake in a rope, you get scared. In reality, you are getting scared because of your wrong vision. The snake is not there. You are only imagining that it is there. In order to gain peace,
it is imperative that you give up your illusions and acquire the right vision. As soon as the imaginary snake disappears, you will be peaceful.

You don’t need to do anything else. Yes! You don’t need to do anything else. Just do deep contemplation and get rid of your wrong notions. Gain Right Knowledge. And practice it sincerely. You shall obtain freedom! You will naturally become peaceful and happy. There is no need to do any difficult postures! There is no need to do any esoteric mantras; there is no need to do even those difficult visualizations. All these exercises that are taught in the name of meditation are just the initial preparatory warm-ups to gain some stability. They are helpful for the beginners as they give some firmness to the mind. But they don’t change the understanding of the practitioner. That is a different game altogether.
Transforming the Understanding is The Only Way. Letting go the illusions is The Only Path for lasting peace and freedom.

The purpose of meditation is to gradually elevate the mind to its highest possibility of unconditioned peace and love. There are various rungs that a meditator must climb in this process which begins with studying and listening to the right knowledge. The test of rightness is that it is experientiable and substantiable by each and everybody. If it is not and if things appear to be mysterious, there could be something wrong or very ordinary that is being taught. The highest knowledge is also the simplest one. There is nothing esoteric about it.
Having listened, one needs to deeply contemplate upon the truth. When one does that, it gets integrated with one’s life in due course. The speed of progress depends upon the sincerity of the seeker. If spiritual growth becomes one’s topmost priority in life, the destination unfolds instantly. We have seen people experiencing the higher states of consciousness within a few days of the work!

Five principles of Z Meditation

  • No proof, No Belief
    All belief should be scientifically substantiated. One should be able to experience one’s beliefs.
  • No Concepts, No Peace
    There is zero possibility of suppressing the turbulence of the mind by mechanical means. For lasting peace, the concepts must be understood clearly.
  • No Mother-tongue, No Understanding
    One thinks best in one’s own language.
    Without deep thinking, one cannot integrate the knowledge with one’s life.
  • No Tuning, No Music
    Meditation does not mean torturing the body or the mind. It is an enjoyable and radiant way to clear the mind of turmoil and see things in the Truth-Light. The middle path is the best path. If you are into self affliction, you cannot think clearly. Without clear thinking, you cannot detach from your age-old conditionings.
  • No Integration, No Dance
    Meditation is a way of life and not just a routine.
    If the rest of the day is not lived in conformity with what one practices in one’s meditation, one cannot make progress just by doing some monotonous motorized exercises.

These are revolutionary principles of meditation. Integrating them with one’s practice, one can make speedy and enduring progress in this beautiful mind-elevation game.


Z Meditation step-by-step Method

The practice of meditation cannot deepen without clarity of the concepts. In the Z Meditation Retreat, we never ask you to take anything for granted or start from the faith platform. That is not required. We begin from the basics. There are meditation philosophy classes on the following subjects:

  • The illusions of understanding
  • Illusion of Reality
  • Illusion of Duality
  • Illusion of Incompleteness
  • Illusion of Permanence
  • Facets of consciousness
  • Waking
  • Waking Dream
  • Night Dream
  • Deep Sleep
  • Blissful Awareness
  • The three intrinsic Qualities of the Mind
  • Ladder of Evolution
  • Seven Laws of Peace

The six questions of the deep inquiry are simultaneously introduced as the theory unfolds. The students get a refreshing perspective of the meditation philosophy and they come to understand that it is not something religious or distant. It is about their very life – about their relationships, jobs, daily problems and the way to handle all these in the most efficient ways.
It is about understanding the unconscious layers of one’s own mind. It is about straightening the priorities. It is about living in unconditioned peace and love.

Deep Inquiry

In order to remove the illusions of understanding, we use deep inquiry which is a very strong tool. It means that the student first needs to detach himself from the restlessness of his mind and find out the roots from where all his inner noise is coming. There are five sub-conscious and un-conscious hidden layers of these roots.
Normally, everybody is living unawares of their presence. Once the attention is turned inwards through right questioning, they start to unravel and untangle. One not only becomes aware of these roots, one also understands their shattering effects upon one’s peace and happiness. All sane minds then start withdrawing from their attachments with these discomforting causes of agitation.

Feel free to download the worksheet titled Z Meditation Worksheet. You can use it effectively to understand the initial roots of your inner turmoil.

In the first five days of Z Meditation Retreat, you learn six questions of Deep Inquiry. They help in removing these three layers of deep-rooted, unconscious causes of restlessness:

  • Causal Feelings
  • Incompleteness Equations
  • General Conditionings

You also understand that you never need to run away to forests or monasteries to be peaceful. You actually cannot do that. Wherever you go, your mind will go with you. You just need to detach from your mental formations of clinging to the root-causes of restlessness. Once you understand the whole process, you only laugh at yourself for having delayed your freedom for so long!

Radiant Mantras

Having given up the root causes of agitation by employing deep inquiry, one now deserves moving into the experience of the purest joy. Using deep inquiry, when the life perspective changes and one’s own peace and happiness becomes of utmost importance, one is now ready to take a plunge for finding the real invaluable pearls from within one’s own self. The Radiant Mantras and like pointers that help in expediting the process.

In the next five days of the meditation retreat, the philosophy of the six radiant mantras is revealed. The meditation students learn how to integrate them with their lives. In these classes on the mantras, a clear understanding develops that living in one’s highest possibility is not a distant dream. It is realizable at a moment’s notice. One just needs to be open to accepting what one understands to be true.

We practice the radiant mantras in the languages we think in. Meditation on mantras does not mean mere concentration on their sounds or shapes. That is just concentration. Meditation means upliftment of the mind using right knowledge. It is very effectively done with these mantras. One contemplates best in one’s own language. Why make double the effort by saying the mantras in a foreign language and then translating it for contemplating over it? That is not required at all. Clear thinking is primary. Concentration is just a by-product of right thinking.

When the mantras are practiced, all effort is made to see to it that they don’t turn into mechanical repetitions. Understanding, integrating and living the mantras right when one is practicing is the key to stable spiritual growth.

The Third Level: Self Inquiry

The last lap of the retreat is for the advanced practitioners: those who are ready to outgrow the ‘I’ and ‘Mine’ notions. These notions happen to be the deepest layers of illusions that most of the people in the world are infected by. The students of this course study two great inspiring spiritual texts – Bhagwad Gita and Ashtavakra Samhita – in the theory classes. The deep inquiry deepens further with the introduction of the last questions about the Self. This helps in rooting out even the subtlest of illusions – ‘I’ and ‘Mine’.

Besides the final Inquiry, students also learn about the following:

Seven Spiritual Laws


Obstacles in Meditation


Praarabdha and Samsskaras


Five Sheaths covering the Self


The courses are designed in such a way that one can start from scratch and experience the highest level of being within a very short period of time. It is a very joyful process of growth for most students. We also love to see them evolve from those mundane problems to the heights that Buddhas and Ramanas have reached.

Having seen the highest, the real work starts when one leaves the Z Meditation Centre and goes back to the place where the former attachments are placed. The real practice and test happens there. In the retreat environment, we have seen that most of the students are able to get unshackled. But it requires regular, systematic and sincere practice to remain at home when one is living in the ‘home’!

In order to get a feel of your mind, we strongly recommend that you do ‘A Simple Awareness Exercise’.

These are the various rungs of practice that all practitioners will go through :

  • Freedom from wrong notions and suffering: We do it with Deep Inquiry.
  • Establishment in right understanding and unconditioned happiness: We practice the six Radiant Mantras that teach us to fully live in the moment.
  • Establishment in unconditioned love: The six Mantras help us achieve that also.
  • Experiencing the Eternal Blissful Awareness as one’s true identity: As the Inquiry deepens further in the third level, one reaches this sublime state.
  • Merging in the Absolute: All props drop in the end.

And things happen in this order only. Unless you free yourself from your illusions, you cannot be peaceful. If you are not peaceful, your happiness cannot be stable. If you are not happy, your mind will keep running after the objects that you believe will give you happiness. With this restless mind, you cannot meditate and experience Eternal Blissful Awareness as your true identity. The question of merging in the absolute does not arise if you don’t know your true identity.

At Z Meditation, you first gain the understanding of the mind. Without clarity of the concepts, the practice always tends to lack the spirit. You learn to be your own teachers in fifteen days. You get tools that we request you to practice for at least half an hour a day so that the joy and love in your heart keep shining.

We require your sincere cooperation in this work. There is a saying that you can have the grace of God and the grace of a good teacher also, but unless you have the grace of your own mind, you cannot attain freedom. Your openness in learning and honest practice will ensure that you realize your highest potential.

Do want to reach the state of freedom and stable happiness?

Do you truly want to realize your highest possibility of unconditioned peace and love?

Are you ready to do regular and sincere practice?

If yes, watch the deconditioning inquiry and deep sharing videos. You will come to understand the meaning of ‘conditionings’ and what it takes to get deconditioned.