Z Downloads

Z Downloads

Brief Introduction of Z Downloads

If you need to get the maximum from the spiritual teachings, you must start practicing them. Otherwise, it will remain as a bookish knowledge only. Reading about swimming does not give you the benefits of swimming unless you enter the pool to learn and practice it. There are a few helps given on this page. You can download this matrial and start practicing the spiritual knowledge now.

The following can be freely downloaded:

1. Z Meditation Brochure:

It gives you all the necessary information about Z Meditation Retreats I, II and III.

2. Z Meditation Worksheet:

It gives you the sweet taste of Deep Inquiry. Do this work systematically – in writing. You will immediately be out of your problems. You will understand that the only place in the world that is your responsibility is you. You will see that you can only change yourself and others not changing is not your business.

Z Brochure 
Z Meditation Worksheet