Darcey Donovan

Ajay Kapoor’s deconditioning methods have improved my quality of life immensely.
When I first met Ajay in 2008 I was struggling, caught up in my thoughts and attached to my stories. I was suffering from depression and having a hard time breaking free. The Z Meditation inquiry method helped me to understand my conditionings and attachments and to think clearly. It made me aware that I was not primarily my mind, my emotions nor my physical body, but so much more. Ajay’s teachings were powerful because I was able implement the method when I was caught up in my conditionings. With practice, I started to see reoccurring patterns and was able to detach from my desires with less effort. The results are that I am much happier and don’t take myself so seriously. I simply do my best at whatever I am doing in the moment, and strive to remain aware of who/what I really am. My life is now full of beautiful experiences, opportunities, acceptance and love. I finally feel peaceful and whole.
I have Ajay and Z Meditation to thank for that.

Jessika Ava

Z Meditation Experience

I’m a 32 year old American female and I can say unequivocally, Z Meditation retreat has been one
of the most significant turning points of my life. It has been four years ago to date that I walked up
the steps to Ajay and Suruchi’s Z Meditation center to meet them for the first time. This was my
first meditation retreat and I kept no expectations, only an open mind and heart. I had attempted to
practice meditation now and again throughout my life before the retreat, but was never able to find
a technique that worked well with me and my lifestyle and so never kept up with it. Upon arrival to
the retreat there was an immediate overwhelming sense of peace and comfort that made me feel very
secure about what would take place in the coming two weeks.

Before the retreat I suppose I had all the common issues that plague one’s life, issues with family and
partners, the direction of my life. But it wasn’t until midway through the retreat that I could put a more
clear focus on why those issues were occurring…I had been consistently living in the future, I didn’t even
fully realize that the present moment even existed. In my psyche, the future would complete me, and
the future was all there was. My entire life’s journey up to that point had been a means to an end, seen
nothing more than a stepping stone to what was beyond the horizon, I was playing a perpetual game of
chase to an ideal outcome that I could never quite grasp…and this led to anxieties, worries, a constant
struggle against “what is” in the idealism that “what could be” would be better – and somehow,

It took hours and hours of internalization, and even tears. But about midway through the retreat, I
woke up in the middle of the night to realize that some proverbial veil had been lifted. I was seeing the
exact same world, through the exact same eyes, but I was seeing it with pure clarity. All of my former
unnecessary requirements and misperceptions of personality melted away, my true self emerged- I was
free. And, I was in Complete Joy. I realized there are no problems, there are no worries, I am not my
future, I am not my past, nor am I my personality traits. I realized that the only thing that truly matters
is this single moment. And that this single moment, without all the preconceived notions – is perfect.
And along with these realizations came a plethora of other insights. But explaining them wouldn’t
even begin to adequately describe them, nor do the above two paragraphs begin to accurately describe
the transformation, and I wouldn’t expect any reader to fully empathize what I am saying. It’s not
something that can be understood intellectually, it’s only something that can be realized. And Z
Meditation offers you the space for that realization to occur.

Since my first visit to the Z Meditation retreat, I have returned two additional times. These last four
years, since first encountering the Deep Inquiry and Deconditioning techniques, have been the most
peaceful of my life. Even as I work in a field that requires me to see so much negativity of the world
every single day, my heart is still filled with love and joy. Through all the trials I’ve faced over the last
four years there is a constant underlying foundation of peace, of stillness, of constant contentment.

And I know – I fully have realized – that no matter what, everything is going to be okay. Everything is
going to be perfect.

Nora Beno

Z Meditation is the most profound and eye opening experience I have ever encountered.

Ajay is a humble man with a wealth of knowledge, love and compassion.
His teachings and wisdom have touched and changed many lives forever, including my own.
Something as simple as Presence, knowing and being in the present moment, is so healing and so pure.
Z Meditation has made apparent to me the essence of life, the joy of happiness, and the flow of unconditional love through decontitioning and dis-identifying ourselves with our past and our vision of the future.
I eternally thank you.
Love always

Kelly Chavers, US

I haven’t written in a while, but i want you to know im doing VERY well. I meditate daily, and have finally found a place of peace in my daily life. I quit my job, moved to LA and pursue my passion for acting on a daily basis. I sold most of my belongings and live meagerly. Most of my strides of awareness, vulnerability and peace are because of my time with you and Ajay. You gave me direction and awakened a part of me that i didn’t know what unconscious. You showed me light where I only saw darkness.

Thank you Ajay and Suruchi . I respect and honor the work you do.
My best,

Tara Celentano

I have tried multiple meditation techniques, and The Art of Deconditioning, now Free Your Mind, is by far the most powerful and most accessible form of meditation I have tried. As a Westerner, I believe it to be the most accessible meditation technique FOR Westerners, as it engages the analytical mind and solved psychological confusions before they slip into the unconscious. Taught incrementally, each step of the deconditioning process bares its own purpose, settling any discomfort or trepidation the student might face while learning the technique. I highly recommend the meditation technique which Ajay has dutifully developed for the betterment of personal relations with the Self, others and society at large.

Lee Sok Lian



I attended Ajay’s Deep Deconditioning 15-day Inquiry Technique Silent Retreat twice, followed by the Deep Deconditioning Inquiry Teachers’ Course. The first Deep Deconditioning Inquiry Technique course was also my first introduction to silent retreats and the concept of “living in the moment”.

Suruchi’s yoga sessions were also my first introduction to yoga; I have not stopped performing sun salutationssince. Yoga has benefited my health greatly!

The 15 days up in the mountains, all alone (especially during the Teachers’ Course), helped me sort out many things and detach myself from undesirable past conditionings and false beliefs. It was from this time —- in the peace and quiet of that sacred space at Z Meditation Centre —  that I truly learnt to live more mindfully.

The silent retreat was much more than a course in meditation; it changed my life completely.

While trekking through the breathtaking snow-capped mountains of Dharamsala, I learnt to live more consciously every day. I am now sharing my newfound joy, happiness and laughter with all those whose paths cross with my own, here on Sun Island Shanghai! (My life’s purpose!) I also met two soul mates, Sandra Karlsson and Richee Wong, while at Z Meditation Centre; they have touched my life in many ways.

Thank you, Ajay and Suruchi, for your love and care all these years.

Lee Sok Lian

Happiness Coach

Sun Island Shanghai

Republic of China


Over the years I have had the fortunate opportunity to travel to many places in the world but never to India until this year and I have to declare it was one of the most memorable, inspiring experiences of my life . Visited the Taj Mahal (magnificent) !!
Spent 2 weeks at ZMEDITATION (life changing )!!
Soaking up the invaluable wisdom that was imparted to me from my teachers Ajay and Suruchi.
Participating in a silent retreat enabled me to focus on myself , feelings and embrace the reason for my being there and that was to “Wake Up” open my self and my soul and become “AWARE”
Through the practice of meditation, yoga and mindfulness and the joy of ” Living in the Now”. Such a wonderful gift .
These days , part of my daily routine is to take time out for meditation and contemplation and I have no doubt that this has enriched my spirituality and this will continue to develop.
Vince and I plan on returning to India next year , there is so much to explore but only after we spend our time back at ZMEDITATION for replenishing and guidance.
Thank you , Thank you.
With love and Best Wishes .

Catherine’s first meditation experience

On the 26th of July 2010, I opened the gates of Z Meditation Center for the first time. On a flat stone, somebody had written: Stepping into Freedom.

My expectations were high (I hadn’t yet learned to detach from that). But at the same time I had no idea about what was waiting. I think that somewhere deep down, I had a vague idea of some sort of a miracle, a complete transformation of myself to something new and better. And then I learned that I was already perfect… What a disappointment!

No… seriously, it has been hard work for me.. which I have accepted. Never have I ever worked so much with myself – and there have been no shortcuts, no quick fixes. I have been forced to face myself in silence and without the possibility of seeking approval or confirmation from others.

On the first night, when I got the first assignments, ‘What is my best possibility?’, I started crying. I felt that I could not answer that question and so I cried out of confusion. If you had given me that question today, I might not have had a perfect answer, but it would not have made me scared and confused the way it did then.

In the beginning of the retreat, I was so entangled in all my X factors (dependence factors that I supposed would give me fulfilment). I can’t believe that I did not see this. This or that would make me happy, I thought, without seriously considering to change my own attitude. I still want certain things and I still dislike certain others, but I now know how useless this is and harmful it can be. When I have the feelings of like and dislike now, I can always do the inquiry on them to dig out the roots and, at least for a moment, get rid of them.

The total amount of time I had meditated before coming here was zero. Today, I have done it for two-and-a-half hours without a problem. I am often still quite disturbed by other feelings, but I won’t even have been aware of them before. To meditate has really helped me realize what a spin my head is in and that it is important for me to work on that. Practice makes perfect.

I had done Yoga, may be five or six times before. Basically nothing, that is, but I always thought it was boring and slow. Now, when I was more relaxed, I really appreciated each moment and felt the subtle changes in my body and muscles.

Another important things I have learned here is to eat three healthy meals a day. For many years, I haven’t done that regularly. I have promised myself a healthy nutritious food, good sleep when I go back home.

In these two weeks, I have learned so incredibly much. I have meditated, I have read spiritual books, I have been thinking about God and most importantly, I have been forced to deal with myself in a way I have never done before. It has been frightening sometimes; there have been a few silent tears, but I accept it. It could not have been in any other way.

I am taking with me all your words of wisdom. As I said, it is all a bit overwhelming right now, but this too shall pass. When it does, everything I learned in the last two weeks will guide me in many moments to come and encourage me to continue searching, continue learning and always be as true as possible to myself.

My resolutions

Where I saw an obstacle, I shall now see a challenge.

Where I saw failure, I shall now see an experience.

Where I saw boredom, I shall now rest in myself.

Where I begged for approval, I shall now ask for nothing.

Where I saw transition, I shall now see the present.

Where I saw my expectations, I shall now see you.

Where I saw an image, I shall now see myself.

Going back home, I shall

  1. Not deny myself the basics – eat healthy, sleep deep.
  2. Live NOW and not wait for anything to happen.
  3. When I study or work, do it mindfully and with joy.
  4. Meditate daily.
  5. Remember that what they say about me has nothing to do with who I am. Stop chasing approval and appreciation. I am not my achievements.
  6. Stop taking things so seriously. Stop falling into dilemmas about things that are really nothing. Seek time and space to think about what is really important.
  7. Mind my own business – not nature’s or anybody else’s.
  8. Always remember that I am already complete.


The last fifteen days have been one revelation after another. Truth —- Lessons speaking to me — feeling good — never thought I would find. Not only a course in meditation / yoga — but so much more. A course in happiness.A course in disarming negative thoughts.A course in understanding the mind. Many things still have to sink in. But they will, practicing the mantras in real life / in mediation, being one of the most important tools. A privilege to have been here, and then again, it was meant to be. The teacher only shows himself when the disciple is ready for it. What took me so long to discover you? Luckily: first hit — goal. And a goal it is — a purpose in life — to be consciously happy in the moment and aim for the highest — perfectly.



The last two weeks have been perfect. I feel as though I have learnt so much about myself, as though I am being healed, as though I have been healing myself. I feel a lot more grounded in the technique, as the understanding is so much clearer. I cannot wait to put it into practice — though I realize it will be more difficult away from the real peace that I have felt here. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful people, whilst learning such a powerful technique. Thanks for giving me the tools to live my life in harmony. I realize that it is down to me to make use of them. I now have faith in myself that I will be able to do this. I feel confident that my life will be purposeful from this day forward and that I shall not allow myself to drift aimlessly again. No looking back unwittingly anymore — only to learn and grow; through dissolving the conditionings, and being aware of the thoughts and emotions that have overpowered me. I know that the seas ahead may be rough at times, but I shall sail ahead — resisting the temptation to drift or be at anchor.

Thank You.