Thoughts of the Masters


Human nature is the same in all parts of the world. The final destination of the realization of the Absolute is also the same everywhere. Masters from all traditions have realized this state of freedom. The paths appear to be different to the novices, but they are all leading to the same goal. The apparent differences are due to the differences in the inherent propensities of the minds – some are more inclined toward analysis, some toward devotion and some others toward selfless service. All these paths are equally effective and beautiful.

One common thread connecting all the masters and traditions is that you cannot be free if you have worldly desires and expectations. The mind cannot have dependence and liberation at the same time. It is only when you rid yourself of mental turmoil that you can be truly happy and free. The state of salvation is within you – all the time. Just scratch the mud of agitations, bring about stillness of mind and you will see it shining. A pure mind means the experience of the blissful eternal awareness as one’s true identity. Without purity, how can one be free ......

Let us contemplate on what masters from all ages and places have to say about the path and the goal.

S.No. Masters  
1 Swami Vivekananda View Thoughts
2 Swami Shivananda View Thoughts
3 Swami Ramatirtha View Thoughts
4 Sri Aurobindo View Thoughts
5 Maharshi Ramana View Thoughts
6 Sri Ramakrishna View Thoughts
7 Bhagwad Gita View Thoughts
8 The Bible View Thoughts
9 Swami Yogananda View Thoughts
10 Khalil Gibran View Thoughts
11 Swami Brahmananda View Thoughts
12 Swami Turiyananda View Thoughts
13 Holy Mother Sharda Devi View Thoughts
14 Guru Granth Saheb View Thoughts
15 Buddha View Thoughts
16 Saint Francis of Assisi View Thoughts
17 Confucius View Thoughts