Darcey Donovan

Ajay Kapoor’s deconditioning methods have improved my quality of life immensely.
When I first met Ajay in 2008 I was struggling, caught up in my thoughts and attached to my stories. I was suffering from depression and having a hard time breaking free. The Z Meditation inquiry method helped me to understand my conditionings and attachments and to think clearly. It made me aware that I was not primarily my mind, my emotions nor my physical body, but so much more. Ajay’s teachings were powerful because I was able implement the method when I was caught up in my conditionings. With practice, I started to see reoccurring patterns and was able to detach from my desires with less effort. The results are that I am much happier and don’t take myself so seriously. I simply do my best at whatever I am doing in the moment, and strive to remain aware of who/what I really am. My life is now full of beautiful experiences, opportunities, acceptance and love. I finally feel peaceful and whole.
I have Ajay and Z Meditation to thank for that.

Nora Beno

Z Meditation is the most profound and eye opening experience I have ever encountered.
Ajay is a humble man with a wealth of knowledge, love and compassion.
His teachings and wisdom have touched and changed many lives forever, including my own.
Something as simple as Presence, knowing and being in the present moment, is so healing and so pure.
Z Meditation has made apparent to me the essence of life, the joy of happiness, and the flow of unconditional love through decontitioning and dis-identifying ourselves with our past and our vision of the future.
I eternally thank you.
Love always

Kelly Chavers, US

I haven’t written in a while, but i want you to know im doing VERY well. I meditate daily, and have finally found a place of peace in my daily life. I quit my job, moved to LA and pursue my passion for acting on a daily basis. I sold most of my belongings and live meagerly. Most of my strides of awareness, vulnerability and peace are because of my time with you and Ajay. You gave me direction and awakened a part of me that i didn’t know what unconscious. You showed me light where I only saw darkness.
Thank you Ajay and Suruchi. I respect and honor the work you do.
My best,