“A pure learning of my mind.
Before I came here, I did some hard work on myself and was looking for answers for my questions. The answers I got here were six questions!! With those six questions I was able to answer all my questions. And the answers were very simple, but I had to really concentrate to understand their whole meaning for me.
The most important things to learn were:
Peace is to accept; pain is to resist.
In this moment, it’s useless to live in the future or in the past; it’s just dreaming. When I ask myself what is the reality now and realize the moment I am living in, I can just feel my head getting relaxed – amazing. All I have to remind is that this is the only reality that exists. Only now exists. Here is where I am. My happiness depends only on me. Not on anybody else or anything else. That’s all I needed to get my mind free.
The mantras, the breathing techniques and the yoga lessons helped me a lot to concentrate my mind. It’s like bringing the frequency of my mind to a low level so I will be able to understand such basic things!
No doubt I have learned a lesson for my life.
I have meditated before, but only now I know what destination to look for.