I don’t want to live in the future anymore. I have the present, which is so good. Why should I walk away from it? I will have to keep practicing the mantras and yoga and meditation. I don’t want to lose the feeling of the real thing.
I think I have left the past behind. I am not doing any good to anybody by punishing myself over the past. Like we learned today from the great master, “every saint has a past and every sinner has a future”. Well, I will go for the present and I am so excited I don’t want to get all stressed up because of my past and even for my future.
I have myself, my love, my clear mind, my pure observation. I have to stick with it. I cannot be so involved with everything all the time. It makes me feel so stressed and angry and mad. I have so much love in me, why should I be anything but loving and peaceful? I will work more on my pure observation. It gives me peace. I will work more on my acceptance and loving kindness – that gives me the love that I already have. I want it again.
I will practice more on those “turn arounds”. It gives me a relaxed mind I need to find my love for myself – the joy that comes from within.
The more I will be connected with my peace, there is more chance I wouldn’t lose it.

Thank you so much.