Yaron Golan

“My last fifteen days were great. They gave me full power. I was able to focus on myself again, after a period in which I went in all the directions.
In the last fifteen days I have learned about one more truth, a truth of two wonderful people, who help other people to get to liberation.
In the last fifteen days, I came to know again, how hard and long is the way to the truth and I also came to know that I have the confidence in myself and I can now see again how I am walking on this path for a while and that I’m in the right direction.
The last vdays showed me the dialogue I have in my head, even though I found answers to a lot of my questions. Quieting this dialog is the next thing I will seek now. Stopping my involuntary thought is the beginning of the way.
I feel like a ground that is flooded with water, and I’m waiting for the water to start sinking and make the ground ready.
I’m a happy person in the world, that for the past 5 days, I have been taught the truth, and they did it with so much love. Thank you very much for giving and sharing your own path.”