“The words are drying from me. What should I start with? I have you! Thank god! Thank myself! Tears are coming inside my eyes.
I know my own history and this is why I’m so excited. I’ve been a realistic and cynical person – looking for proofs always; and suddenly, it all falls down…in these last fifteen days. I discovered the real Yael. Yael that has always been hiding inside me – from her family, from her friends; but I was always there.
Now, I know I can do anything I will decide. The last days taught me to appreciate nature – nothing is jest. Everything here is divine. I am so happy!

I think I’m on the right way. In the last month, I was explaining to my friends and family that I’m going through something and I was telling that I know what I want to achieve. I just don’t know the way. Now I think I’m on the right track.
Before coming here, I was so scared – Scared to say clearly my values, my wishes, my thoughts. Now, I just don’t mind. I’m here – whoever wants me will get me. If you don’t want me, I don’t care.
I never thought that silence can be so productive I’m sure the way I’ll speak now onwards, will benefit people around me. I want to be attentive now.
In a way, these were the most important days of my life. I’m just hoping I’ll be brave enough to continue on the way – not scared of anything.
For the first time in my life, I thought of what I want to say, not caring about what others are going to think about it. I felt secure here. I am detached from the opinions of others.
And I think that this is a greater lesson to have you both here – to see the love you give everyone and the real care. I was very afraid the day I came here. I felt like getting into a jail, joining the army again. But now I feel It was of my blessed decision.
Now, I’m not afraid anymore. These fifteen days made me take some great decisions. No more living like a sheep. From now on, Yael and only she will decide for herself. These fifteen days, if I only have enough power, will change my life for good.

Thank you so much!