Yael R

“I wish I could express myself in Hebrew; but it is more important to me that you understand me, even if it won’t be fully. When I decided to do this course, I was not sure that it will be what I was looking for.
But yes, this is what I needed. I gave myself a wonderful present. This was the highest point of my trip in India. I knew why I wanted to come to India. I knew you were waiting for me!! This meditation retreat is the best thing that has happened to me in my life.
In that past fifteen days, I learnt a lot; and more importantly, I experienced a lot. Each day I felt that my love for myself was increasing, I felt clearer in my mind. I now feel like a box that is getting wider and wider and can be filled with more and more love, patience and peace.
It wasn’t easy for me. It was hard job. It was a little war against my senses and my mind. Sometimes, I wanted to start singing in the middle of the silence….
But the few minutes I felt that meditative peace inside me were so powerful. Now I know my aim; now I know how it feels; now I have something to wait for and I know it is there….
I feel that I want to tell the world about Z Meditation and about the two great teachers I had the honor to meet.
To be like you is my aim.
No – to be like me is my aim.
I have this peace and love!! I have learnt about myself a lot. I feel I am celebrating myself and my marriage again.
I wish I will love all being the same as I love you now.”