The reason why I came here and joined this course was that I was searching for a tool to get off the advertising placates from my advertising pillar. And you gave me the tool, and even more, you showed me how to use it. I am sure that with the mantras and the inquiry, I can clean out my brain box. It is a lot of work and I am happy that I got a shovel to make my work more effective. And for this present, I thank you very much. For me, it was the first time that I did not speak for fifteendays. I really enjoyed these days — only me, my mind and a guide to help me. And all this in an healthy environment. With Yoga, I had physical equalization. Earlier, I was aware about myself and my life only sporadically. In the last fifteenve days, I tried to be aware of every movement I made. Almost every time when I stepped out outside after a meditation session, I saw the nature surrounding us with new eyes, the nature was more real, more alive, more perfect, more harmonizing, and I felt stronger as part of it. Thank you for showing me all the beautiful rocks that I had forgotton to push.