My last fifteen days were really good days for me. I’ve heard so many beautiful things, so pure, so good. It is amazing, I think. It is so wonderful to hear such beautiful words every day. I’ve learnt so much; I have so much stuff to think about for my whole life.
Before coming here, I thought that silence would be difficult for me. I don’t think it was at all. The more difficult part was my mind – using the inquiry and the mantras to root out my stories. It was fun too when I could see things clearly!
I’ve learnt a lot, I am so glad that I came here. Taking 5 days off from my intense life and trying to think to get peace, it was really necessary for me and I really hope that I can do it at home.
I wanted to thank you; thank you very much. You are amazing and wonderful people and it was my pleasure to meet you both. Thank you a lot for everything.”