First of all I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for you eloquence, sincerity and intelligence. Your teaching abilities are awesome and so logical. You teach your students to teach themselves!
So what will I be taking back to Canada with me besides my list of mantras? A strong sense of understanding of who I aspire to be.
What I want… I want to stop worrying about what others think about me. I want self confidence based on a true understanding of what it feels like to be complete. I want total independence so that it may contribute more positively to all of my relationships. I want to love myself so much that it spills over and pours onto others. I want all of these things to be my truth, guided by insight that I gained by myself.
How do I achieve this?
To re-enter that scary world outside these safe walls with confidence, knowing that I only have to impress myself… that change is my choice, how I live my life is my choice, just as much as what I eat for breakfast is my choice!
To speak openly and honestly with those who I am currently in deep emotional relationships with; to explain my concerns and to receive their feedback openly. To accept whatever comes of this as “what is is.” and to remember that what is important is how complete I feel…
To thoroughly understand what it means to be free from dependence. This will require me stripping myself down to my bare bones and building up from there, allowing only those feelings and those actions that are conductive to peace and freedom. To do all of this, I feel I will first need to come up with a concrete definition of independence.
To trust myself, to be true to myself, to continue to try to understand myself. I will aid this process through meditation, yoga, and other creative and physical activities that give me energy and open my mind… all of these things will be done daily!
Finally, I want to keep an open mind to others… to love their faults and weakness as much as their success and strengths. To constantly gauge what is my business and what is not my business.