“It’s so strange that just last week, I heard about the course from a small talk I had with a friend of mine.
Actually, I didn’t know what to except from this course, the only thing I could think about is how I will be silent for 5 days…now after 5 days, I can say that these 5 days will stay in my heart for ever.
All my life I felt that something is missing and I searched the missing piece in relationships, work, traveling etc, but it didn’t last for long.
I never felt so connected to myself like I feel now.
The mantras, each one of them, has so much meaning for me. I feel that inside them, there is the answer to the questions that were hidden inside me all my life.
Even though some of the things are hard to accept, things that I’ve been raised all my life with, I know that this is the golden way. Only with accepting everything that will come my way, with living the life moment by moment, and not regretting about the past and not dreaming about the future, with no expectations from people, with feeling complete and loving myself, only then I will be a peaceful and a really happy girl/woman.

Thank you very much!