“I believe that it was my dharma that I should attend this meditation course. It was not just by chance that on Sunday, one person cancelled for this week’s course and therefore, I could take her last place.
In the last fifteen days, I learned so many useful things. Most of them I actually new before, but couldn’t put into practice. This week, I made all the effort for it and I am very grateful for the progress I could make with this help.
The first two or three days, in my mind, there were more fragmented thoughts coming up than concentration. On the third day, it started to turn around. I was suddenly much more concentrated and unwelcome thoughts just came up scattered. That was a great improvement. Thanks to the mantras and the questions, I could resolve many disturbing thoughts that came up. I also enjoyed very much the silence around me, although at the beginning I thought that it was impossible to share the room, without any words.
A new experience happened with the eating meditation. Before each meal, I prayed and gave my thanks to all beings. That was very beautiful and I never enjoyed eating as much as I did in the last few days. Even food tasted better than it ever did before these fifteen days. I feel absolutely great and I am very much inspired to lean much more and go deep into meditation. For me, there has been a new opening up to a beautiful world. I found so much peace, awareness, love, happiness, courage.
This week a light was turned on in my heart and nobody can turn it off again I thank all of you to have made it possible to find my inward peace and happiness.