In these fifteen days, my mind was very calm and pure. I was surprised that it is possible because usually my mind is so busy and restless…. I have learnt a method that will help me when I go back to my hectic life.
The most important thing that has happened to me is that I know now that I love my parents after a year of negative feelings for them, especially for my father. The meditation on acceptance and pure observation helped me to understand that it was very disturbing to my peaceful mind to be so angry. I know I love him and I accept him as he is and there is nothing that I can do to change him. I cannot change my past also, so I accept fully whatever has happened to me.
Using this questioning method of meditation, I could easily detach myself from all false beliefs….
I want to have lasting peace in my life. I should be able to experience it wherever I am living. With the Z Meditation method, I feel I can easily achieve that.

The silence was so good and it contributed to the feeling of peace within. It gave the mind the possibility to be open and accept the things that you teach us. It made me think about myself and my life and I am very happy that I came.”