“Wow! Have fifteen days passed already? It feels like both an instant and a lifetime intertwined with one another. Rather than referring to this as my last fifteen days, I prefer to see it as my first fifteen days. The first fifteen days of a new world and a new life. It has crept up on me so calmly and subtly that I almost didn’t even notice at first. It amazes me stillness to realize how simple things can be and how a small change can pave the way to everything.
I came to this retreat with a hope of quietening my mind, with a hope of learning new meditation techniques that could be adopted to benefit in my current meditative practices. It would seem that I got all that I had hoped for, and perhaps a lot more than I asked. Is it a dream or reality? This time I think it’s reality.
I have had the opportunity to spend valuable time with myself in silence in meditation, to get to know myself all over again, to remember who / what I am. I have learned valuable skills that are sure to benefit me in every aspect of my life, as I will continue to practice them, to make them my own.