A white light illuminated my path to follow the steps down to the green building, called Z Meditation Centre; to be greeted by two beautiful open winged angels full of love and compassion!
After spending 6 weeks, traveling in India, I arrived in dharamsala to find a beautiful place where I felt welcomed the moment I arrived. I felt such a sense of giving and receiving in this town. My heart went in search to find these angels.
After 3 years of practicing Reiki, I felt in my heart that I would like to be able to share this love with others. All the situations and people in my life led me to this feeling in this last magical year. But I was aware that much work on myself would need to be done and my original inquiry was for meditation.
Before the course, I made some decisions about the way I was living my life, and changes which needed to happen if I was to take this path in a serious way. My addictions would have to be dealt with and detached from – especially, coffee and cigarettes. These last fifteen days have brought a lot of cleansing within my body and mind; and have also brought me closer to God. Even though that closeness has always been there in my heart and has always been my source of love and guidance in my life, but listening to the universal truths really brought me home.
I have learnt a lot about myself in these last fifteen days and I have been able to let go of a lot of survival conditionings that took me back to when I was a child. I have made some promises to myself:
To continue practicing the mantras and living in pure joy.
To respect my mind and body as a temple.
To continue sending peace and love out to the earth.

I’m sure I have many more to write but I’m feeling quite tired and would like to go to sleep now. Good night.
Thank you so much my two lovely angels for taking such good care of me this week and I am really looking forward to the rest of our time together.”