” All my life I have been searching for the true vales which promise a good life. After being so pure when I was a child, I had this period of extreme cynicism where I believed that men were bad by nature, and that nothing in life can be good to you. I felt that there is no use to do good to people as they only think about taking advantage of you etc. I don’t have to tell you how depressed I was. Along with that, in my heart, I always remembered the child I was. It seems that along one’s life, a lot of dirt from the outside comes in to one’s heart. As hard as it was, I thought that the time had come for me to clean my heart again, to start living in the truth again.
In these fifteen days, I have been feeling that all the explanation, the stories, the philosophy has been pouring inside me smoothly and easily. I felt that all the master’s talk was real and true. I could believe in him, because it was coming from a very genuine place.
Let’s see what I learned.
The only possible way to live life is in the here and now.
Depending on other people for your happiness causes pain.
It is useless to try to change other people and outside situations.
The only way to love is out of total freedom and independence.
Life will be always full of obstacles and it is my business to overcome them.
Most of all, I realized today how complete all human beings, including me, are. We are so complicated, yet we are so amazing.
I have realized that acceptance is really the sweetest living. I want to accept myself and others as they are.