“First of all I want to say – how happy I am that I did this course.
In the last years, I have been very sad and disturbed. I wanted to find my way to peace. Often I thought why I am here on this planet. I started following certain paths, but every time I realized that it was not the right path for me.
So I went for this one year exchange program to India because I was fed up of everything at home and my only hope was to get an answer in India. I thought when I was away from my old environment, I would have more time for myself. I would be more responsible and would try to understand my destiny.
Until 5 days ago, none of these things happened. Surely, I became more independent but no sign of my destiny!
Now I know that my divine angel (you can also call it God or destiny) has sent me to this course, because alone, I did not have any clue as to how to move forwards towards my goal. I am so grateful that I could attend this course.
I have already changed for the better. I am changing and I know, it is a long, stony path but I’ll put all my energy to achieve my real business in life.
These last fifteen days were my awakening time from a life long dream.

But still I’m not always aware what I am doing. With practice I’ll move forwards. I liked the curriculum very much. It is thoughtfully planned so there is not too much pressure and stress. You can really enjoy it especially the creative sessions, and of course the eating meditation (the food was excellent!).These 5 days ended so fast I feel like it’s the first day.
I was so overwhelmed by all this information and I am still digesting some of the laws of peace. It takes time. I have to spend a lot of time for knowing and living these rules and mantras by heart.
The first 2 days I got scared about losing my ego. But I know it’s the only way to live your life peacefully, living in happiness. Wow I’m challenged to discover my inner self. I thank you both so much for helping and accompanying me. I am going to the first step in my new-born life. It was really helpful for me.”
Thank you so much!