“My last fifteen days were enlightening. During these days I’ve experienced a variety of emotions. I came here weak, didn’t know exactly what Z Meditation meant. All I knew was that I was unhappy and that the cause for my misery was an external ‘object’ – my boyfriend.
Already in the first night, I felt better. Your words just got straight into the heart of mine. Still, my thoughts kept on wandering and going back to things that were not relevant. During these days, I got improved on ‘cleaning‘my head from irrelevant and useless thoughts. I still have so many of them. I realize that it must take time and hard work. I’m willing to do so, though I think that I need more direction, I’m still not strong enough to keep it on by myself. During these days, I realized that I’m denying freedom to me, and that I’m trying to take away freedom from other people. I have no right to do so. This realization makes me much more peaceful.
I want to thank you so much for making me see things more clearly. I should go in this path as it suits me, no matter what other people think. I should let others do the same as well as.
Thank you so much for fifteen days of pure joy.