“I must say that before I came, I was very scared. The correct answer to the question “are you ready” at enrollment, would have been “I don’t know”. But all I know was that the dissatisfaction was very strong and I had to try.
What I have been given is a totally different angle to look at my troubled mind and thank you for that. I was suffering very strongly. I was very dissatisfied with the way my mind worked and unhappiness was getting strong. I thought I was unhappy with the reality. You have pointed out that this is a dream that I am unhappy with, and now I have some methods to start dismantling it and drawing back to the now.
I realize I have a lot of work to do but even small bits of progress have excited me much.

On the plus side, for the old mind, I have realized that some of the thinking was right thinking and I was being confused by others.
I think that this is a great course for anyone. I really enjoyed the creative mediation, I am no artist, but I found it really absorbing trying to do my best with the statements.
I also really enjoyed the sense of humor of Ajay and Suruchi that allowed us all to laugh at the silly way in which our minds can work.

I thank you for your tireless efforts. You have given me a push in the right direction and it is now up to me to walk on it.”