“As I look back to the days that came before these fifteen days, I actually realize how much I needed these days at the Z Meditation Centre. These fifteen days have been to me, the first time in my life, to be able to actually listen to myself every minute of the day; to be able to meet my mind, to face it, to look inside it, to clean it. I feel like I crossed a limit, I feel like I achieved peace. I hope those truthful words of Ajay and Suruchi shall remain in me for the rest of my life. I know it only depends on me, and I want to have the courage to keep looking within all the time, to keep the strength that I’ve created for myself in these fifteen days of deep thinking.
I really liked waking up early in the morning and to watch how the day is born. I liked the morning meditations, when the mind is still and pure. Today in the morning when we practiced, I felt so concentrated. I could see my own mind, breathing love and peace. I could see how it calms down. It was empty, totally empty and it felt so liberated, so clean.
I love the people that are here with me. It’s an unconditional love. Even though we were not speaking, we were yet so related to each others’ feelings. I feel that silence in the retreat helped a lot in understanding and having true love for each other.
Another, very important, and last thing to say is I really enjoyed the food here. It was beautiful and made like art, so delicate, and so pure. So thank you (and thanks for the ginger-honey medicine. I almost got addicted to that one) and thanks to mother earth.