“My last fifteen days were quiet different from whatever I have experienced in my life before. It has been very quiet and slow motioned!
I feel I have grown in many ways. I have learnt some methods and I know if I sincerely follow them. I am on my way to enlightenment!
I have managed to look at my life backwards and understand why I used to get disappointed with people. I understand that I was in the habit of stepping into other people’s business. I used to get so angry at people’s imperfections that sometimes, I was really nasty to the people who loved me. Whenever I did it, I was not happy with myself. I recognized that even then, but only now I feel that I can approach people’s imperfections in a better way – I can now accept them as they are. I guess I am a demanding person. I demand from myself and I used to feel that I could demand from others also! These two things are totally not connected and should not be. Now, no more!
I liked the silence. I liked the talks on meditation philosophy. They were very enlightening.
I have also realized how much I speak for nothing. I have a tendency to offer my opinion everywhere. I want to be very careful now on. I want to speak whenever it is necessary and required.
The analyzing system was very good for me. I could have carried some of my useless thoughts for weeks and months. The Inquiry helped me remove them. It is something I can really relate to, since I think analytically. It was easy for me to grasp and relate to the mantras also.

It was also helpful to see that everyone is struggling with the same petty thoughts – about their mother, boyfriend etc. I feel pure love to all the other students. I never felt I had it in me, but little by little, I start to understand what this “unconditional love” is. It is still very far, but you have to start somewhere, isn’t it?”