“I enrolled in the retreat to get a better grasp of meditation and find the reasons behind meditation. Before the retreat, I’d read many books on meditation, but I felt that I understood it only on an intellectual level. The same was true of my attempts to understand Buddhism. I had hit a plateau in my understanding because it was only on a mental level. I knew that to advance in meditation, I needed to find some place to practice it and experience it. Through this, it was my feeling that I would deepen my understanding on a more intuitive level.
It’s been fifteen days here and I’m certainly glad to say that I’ve been able to indeed advance my understanding on a deeper intuitive level. Fifteen days is a short time though. But I believe that I’ve gained enough understanding to go out and practice the technique myself. As an additional bonus, I’ve also learnt a few extra valuable insights as well. These insights have not only deepened my understanding of what I already knew but taught me a few additional things as well. For this I’m forever grateful.
Thank you so much!