My last fifteen days… have been bliss, like a reawakening. To me, this time has been a ‘pit stop’ to refuel and change the tyres. I had spent the past 12 months racing around, being ‘busy’ — in the process I had forgotten about myself, to be truthful, God.
A bit of history… my mother left my father when I was 18. She found peace and shared it with my sisters and I. Since then, I have been white lighting people, blessing them with love, seeing the good in everyone and believing in the higher being. I have gone through phases of loving every minute of every hour of everyday to not even knowing what day of the week it is. I needed this retreat with all of my heart. It has been a very rewarding and enriching time. It’s been like returning home after years of living in someone else’s house.
The things I have learnt or become more aware of – total acceptance of myself and compassion for all. I was surprised to find the silence so beautiful.
I now realize it has been a blessing for us all. To eat in silence is a new concept to me. Eating has always been a sociable occasion for me… I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed or appreciated home cooked meals so much. It will be nice for my husband as well to enjoy a meal without me chattering away in the background!!”
Thank you for your time and energy!