My last fifteen days at the Z meditation center was a maturing experience, another step on my search towards awareness and self consciousness. The difference now is that it is no longer a quest or a search anymore. I have learned that all truth and perfection is within me. No need to search – just to slow down and listen carefully. It is a radiant experience; I hope I can call it a liberating experience also.
In my life, I have moved in and out and through lots of states of mind – frustration, disappointment and helplessness when I don’t fine what I wish for. I normally worked myself up over people and situations and noise etc. And after that, there used to be rage towards myself – why does it bother me so much, why do I let external things influence me so deeply, why can’t I flow with what comes, why am I always making myself into a victim.
For me this was an opportunity, more of a gift to remember some simple powerful truths; and the really important things in life. Also, I could clearly see how self centered I am, without a thought or love towards the environment. No compassion for other beings, no listening to those around me.
The turnaround reminded me that whatever I dislike about others is because it encounters me with the same quality within myself that I dislike and do not accept.
The “rock” concept is much more cheerful and effective than the problem concept. Thank you for this one!
The insight that I can accept others as they are has helped me really.
Most important – the understanding that I can be with myself and that it is a world full of good people. That is a huge advance for me, who has been running from myself ever since I can remember. It gives me a sense of inner relaxation and peace.

Thank you.