There is so much to say about my last fifteen days! I have been shown of a very conscious way of living. So many times, I took my meals, silence, friends, self, my life for granted! And here in this beautiful place, I was remembered again of mindful and peaceful living.
I spent one month in a Taoist monastery 3 years ago and it was helpful for receiving a lot of knowledge. But what I found here was so much love. Love for each other and all beings; compassion and kindness.
I feel very strongly that my being was lifted up and my sensitivity increased; as if I love with different eyes to the world now. But the world has not changed. I have changed.
I received the path to personal freedom – the way wise people write books about. In my heart, there is nothing but gratefulness.
Thank you, Suruchi and Ajay, for being who you are and doing this great work of bringing consciousness to people.