“I came to the McLeod ganj with the specific view of growing and transforming my mind with the help of meditation. I always felt that meditation should be a part of everyday life and activities and it should be incorporated into every mundane thing like eating. These fifteen days have really helped me see how to integrate meditation into all hours of the day, thereby helping me utilize every minute of the day to grow and transform. Many truths such as loving myself unconditionally and I am already complete within me etc., I already knew mentally. But I now realize that meditation is the only way to break down the conditionings that stopped me from believing and understanding these truths. One major breakthrough that I felt was that everything is so impermanent – whether it is relationship or sickness, or approval of peers etc., that there is no reason to lose peace of mind over. The only constant is me, so focussing on improvements in me is the most important.
Pure joy is mindful balance. Such a beautiful lesson!

It has also been so enlightening to see and hear that others were also suffering from the same conditionings that held me back from my true potential. That I am not alone in my struggle to break free. This knowledge will help me in times of hardships; encourage me when I am weak. ‘It is not impossible; others have succeeded, so can I’.
I especially enjoyed the creative meditations.
At first, I felt it was a real effort, but once I realized that all I had to do was try my best, things flowed. From the view of art, it may not be good, but I am happy because it was my best. It reawakened a part of me I had forgotten – creativity. Another beautiful lesson in placing me in the moment was ‘pure joy is here and now’!
Thank you so much Ajay and Suruchi from the bottom of my heart for giving so much of yours for helping others on the way to enlightenment. Eternal peace.”
P.S. love the Shanti mantras.