I don’t want to worry anymore. I felt a big purification. This was a time of big change in my life. I hope it will enhance quality in my life. I feel that a long mental limitation has been resolved and an open space for more creativity and love in my life has been created.
I am in a much better relationship with myself after these fifteen meditative days. I don’t want to think about the past and future anymore. I just want to enjoy every moment in my life. I feel that the problems in my life are no more problematic. These are the big rocks that I need to push to make myself strong.
I feel light and truth and purity within me. I want to enjoy my life now. I want to have an open mind now. I feel that all bondage has been dropped – actually it was only imagined. I am free now. I want to remain free now.
And to finish the poetry, I’m am finding more pleasure in writing and I hope I can do my best now for bringing pure joy within me, in my conscience, here and now; forever – for my happiness and for a better world of light.
The past fifteen days have been wonderful – really mind opening. I have been traveling for a long time, and as I traveled, I didn’t fully experience the experiences. Not living in the here and now, my dissatisfaction and incompleteness grew. Many of the ideas and principles introduced were not new to me, but I began to see them in a new light. And most importantly, I have been joyful. I feel I have a strong base to grow on joyful moment to joyful moment.

Thank you so much!