“In the last 5 days, I’ve been going through a lot of changes. I’ve noticed that whenever I have to deal with a big issue – something really important – it starts with breaking down. But, it always leads to a completely new understanding!
I understood that I want to change and I feel that I did. Before I came here, I had a feeling that it would be something special. And it truly was. It felt so good when I asked you questions I never even knew I wanted to know and if I did, I had no one to ask about it. It definitely took me some time before I understood that I was here and it won’t help me run over and over again in my mind the plans of what I’m going to do when I finish the retreat. But that’s what it meant to teach me, isn’t it? I feel so happy, so calm and peaceful. I’m not afraid of myself, I’m not afraid from the future. Whatever will be, will be…”
It has been 5 amazing days. I won’t give up any one of them. And I’m looking forward to use the tools you taught me. It was such a healthy schedule, so balanced. I felt that finally I have the courage to ask questions and I can find the answers in myself.
I feel so connected to the people that were with me, that went through the same things. I feel complete. I have the skills to live my life better, to take only the good things, to understand that I deserve the best.
I can learn more and be more open minded now. I realize that there are so many things inside my head that I don’t need. So I have so much more place for new information. And I’m going to live and appreciate every single moment.

Thank you so much for these amazing 5 days.”