“The last fifteen days have been an important lesson in acceptance. I believe in a majority of the concepts and philosophy presented in the last fifteen days. In the last two years, I developed an ability to be peaceful with life, to differentiate events from experiences, accept others and enjoy every moment of life. However, the conviction and totality in which these concepts were presented here are uplifting, inspiring and motivating. Even if I stop meditating tomorrow at 12 pm forever, my perception of life will never be the same. It’s the first time I was properly “educated” in these concepts. I was proud to have practiced myself so far. The meditation technique will help me straighten out some of the issues bothering me. I hope I will be able to carry it on with me.
The experience of silence is overwhelming. I must admit that meditation is hard for me, but I still enjoyed the best quality time I ever had with me.

Thank you so much.