“Before I came to India, I got lost in stress, hectic activity and confusion. I was just worrying about everything. I felt sad, alone, unhappy, lost. I took two very important decisions – I got separated from my boyfriend and I applied for psychology. Some clouds moved away and I could see the sunlight again. But still, there were many dark clouds hanging in my sky. They did not know what direction they should take.
After the meditation course here, now I see much clearer. Once upon a time, I just loved every human being, every tree, and every animal. I loved to do conversation, to share time with others. I sometimes didn’t even know where to go with all this love.
The trust I once had in nature, in the divine, in destiny, got lost when I grew up. The result was disorientation, senselessness, emptiness, sadness. I forgot that there was this beautiful time in my life earlier.
I was so pleased to meet profound love here again, in combination with peace! I felt as if I was given back a piece of my heart. I feel complete!! The meditation course has already made me more soft, more aware – and now I know that this is my only business. And I know it for sure – to give love, to share love, to live the turn-ins, to live the mantras. I will do meditation daily. It has been so good for me. I am back on track. I love myself so much more now. I love everybody so much more.
I cannot describe how I really feel, but I feel you know it.”
Thank you so much.