The last 5 days made me experience something which I had never experienced before. I wouldn’t say I have been unhappy before. I have had glimpses of joy, e.g. when I made presents just for the sake of making somebody happy without any expectation or when I enjoyed nature feeling free; but these were only short moments.
In the last 5 days, I understood that this experience of peace and freedom doesn’t have to be a coincidence. I live in this moment, accept myself as I am without expectations and attachments and I can deepen this feeling. Yes, I can live it my whole life. I understood that too much dreaming will not lead me to anything, that it will not make me happy. I must live my dreams, follow my destiny.
Why did I come to India? I asked myself so many times and couldn’t find an answer. But now, I think, I know. I wanted to free myself, become independent of all the conditionings and values that I received in my life. I used to listen too much to what people say, but although I knew this, I never had the courage to free myself of their opinions and all the conditionings. But, there was this little voice in me that told me not to surrender to all this, but to go my own way. I decided to go to India… to clear my mind and find out what is really good for me.
Now I want to thank you both so much that you led me on this way. Only when I accept myself and work on myself, I can find the peace which is already waiting there for me to bring it out of its cave – to live it and to speed it.