I have never done a silent retreat before and did not know if I could handle it. All the tragedies of my past had come to a head by an unrelated incident that catapulted me into my old fear and pain. I knew I had nothing to lose and that I couldn’t go on living the way I was. At the crux of the pain is not understanding how someone can kill so brutually someone they don’t know. This has saddened me and caused me much pain.
I find your approach very logical and sequential which is something that I can relate to. By systematically approaching the inquiry, I was able to take the emotions out of the process. I could label the emotion but look at it as an observer. I feel that this approach moved me towards the understanding of what I must do. I am grateful for the “silence”. It created a “safe” environment and gave me the opportunity to hear and receive this valuable lesson. Thank you for putting it forth so straight forward. As for meditation, the thing that I’ve always resisted, I feel I’ve learned better tools for my Western mind.