Instead of saying ‘my last fifteen days ‘, I would like to call them ‘the first fifteen days of my life’.
My life before was unreal. It was like going to a movie. When you come out, you don’t know whether it is true, or it’s an illusion.

It just got out of this movie. You can say that the movie was based on a true story… I was there, but I wasn’t the star. The truth was not truth, and reality was not reality. Love in the movie was full of conditions and expectations – there was a lot of disappointment.
During my first fifteen days, I found that real life is not like the movie. Instead of being in the background, I now got to be the star! How? Well, I am full of courage, unconditioned love, peace and joy.
I guess I was playing someone else. I am not going to get any Oscar for my role in my life, that’s for sure! But now, I don’t care what they say about my movie, I was just playing. From now on, my life begins.
I live the moment, I have unconditional love for everyone, I accept everybody and most of all I accept me, as I am. I’m starting to breathe and feel the strong wind of the mantras.
I will see you in the Grammy awards…”