“My life’s purpose until now was to find the truth, but giving in easily whenever I had to do hard work was a repeated pattern in my life. Although my intentions were ‘true’, my will was always weak. In the last fifteen days, I thought a lot about my indiscipline and took a few decisions:

There is nothing in this universe which will make me give up my business. I will not poke my nose in anybody’s business now.

No matter how difficult I make it for myself, I will go only for a cure and never for a short-term relief. This means that if I’m tired on a particular day, I will still meditate; I will still practice yoga; I will still be mindful until it becomes a habit and then character and then my destiny.

I will continue to grow, to educate myself, to cleanse my mind and live in the present. I shall and am now enlightening myself for my own good and for the good of all beings. I understand that these resolutions are not for 2 or 3 weeks but that they are forever. I don’t expect to act as a Buddha 24/7, but I will definitely not sell myself short!