“When I got here on the first day to do the Z meditation course, I thought to myself why am I doing this? Nothing can change me, I will still remain the same complicated incomplete me.
And now I’m looking back and trying hard to remember how was it like not to accept who I am because the course has changed so much my perspective. I can’t wait to go out to the street tomorrow and show love, and to practice at the same moment everything I learned here.
I feel safe now and encouraged to be who I am. I’ve learned I can be relaxed and peaceful, something that almost never happens in my everyday life. I thought meditation is something I will never be able to do and with some difficulties I succeeded, and I’m really thinking about keeping practicing that. My important lesson is peace, self acceptance and acceptance of other people.
The silence was a great issue for me and a big obstacle to pass, but actually I feel so good and so clean because of the silence now.
When I opened my mouth and talked today, I felt that my voice was pure, pure of everything that used to be there once, and that by clearing it, everything that goes out of my mouth from now on will be honest, loving and true.
I thank you so much for these fifteen days, the atmosphere in class was so good and relaxed, everything here is so peaceful and comfortable, and the food is great. I don’t want to leave!
I’m not sure if I’m coming out as a new person. That “new person” would need some time for being and becoming, but I’m on the right way.

Thank you again, Suruchi and Ajay, from my heart.