Lee Sok Lian



I attended Ajay’s Deep Deconditioning 15-day Inquiry Technique Silent Retreat twice, followed by the Deep Deconditioning Inquiry Teachers’ Course. The first Deep Deconditioning Inquiry Technique course was also my first introduction to silent retreats and the concept of “living in the moment”.

Suruchi’s yoga sessions were also my first introduction to yoga; I have not stopped performing sun salutationssince. Yoga has benefited my health greatly!

The 15 days up in the mountains, all alone (especially during the Teachers’ Course), helped me sort out many things and detach myself from undesirable past conditionings and false beliefs. It was from this time —- in the peace and quiet of that sacred space at Z Meditation Centre —  that I truly learnt to live more mindfully.

The silent retreat was much more than a course in meditation; it changed my life completely.

While trekking through the breathtaking snow-capped mountains of Dharamsala, I learnt to live more consciously every day. I am now sharing my newfound joy, happiness and laughter with all those whose paths cross with my own, here on Sun Island Shanghai! (My life’s purpose!) I also met two soul mates, Sandra Karlsson and Richee Wong, while at Z Meditation Centre; they have touched my life in many ways.

Thank you, Ajay and Suruchi, for your love and care all these years.

Lee Sok Lian

Happiness Coach

Sun Island Shanghai

Republic of China