Like the blink of an eye, the last fifteen days seem to have flashed by in an instant. Although most of the concepts I had already conceptualized, in a different perspective, what has been truly illustrated to me is how much crap and useless stuff the mind thinks of. It has been a truly illuminating experience, one that has shaken me. Waking me up from dreaming about dreaming. Until now I have been accused of ‘letting things fall onto me’ living in timeless present. But now, I realize that I need to live consciously in the present. I came here not knowing what mediation is, although I had an idea. I leave with a completely different idea, and not just an idea. I am very impressed on its effectiveness. I had never realized how much potential the mind actually has. This isolation on a retreat has helped me sort out many things, and I will go forth, into the world with a new confidence. And lastly, I have not eaten so well for a very long time.