“My first fifteen days in silence…. It was difficult but I had a great time not communicating with others – just doing my business. I realized that most of the things I am thinking are not my business. Wow! How relaxed I am feeling. I got from you the biggest present of my life: the six questions. They will lead me through my life. You can imagine how happy I am? So you know one more being who feels very happy. Before these days I was and I am still convinced that everything is coming in the right time. I felt that I wanted to do a week in silence and meditation. My feelings were right. I got the six questions. They will help me get rid of my many fears. I am sure all the chatting monkeys will, one after the other, disappear. And all the dark monsters will now run away as I will light more candles in my heart. It is a long way, but it is the way that counts and in the last fifteen days, I made a very big step on this way. I love my life. I am so happy and with these feelings, I am going to meet my lovely monkeys and the sweet monsters.
Thank you. Thank you so much!”