“What else can I say – thank you, thank you? I am grateful that my fate guided me to India, to Macleod Ganj and then to Z Meditation. I came across the green house in a very beautiful environment and for fifteen days, I had the chance to pick up the biggest present ever offend to me. This gift is ‘the way inside to my deepest origin’; hence, I find answer to all my questions. On a base of true knowledge of myself, I can go on living now, or better, start living in this new way. I can rely on the trust of myself, because it is not a blind one. Who knows me better than me? My fears, my seeking and my restlessness has come to an end and Z Meditation has opened for me new doors. There’s a lot of work to do now. The gift of peace, love, compassion, wisdom, and calmness was like waiting for me. Actually it’s waiting for everybody. It’s just that one opens the parcel and receives the insides with gratitude and others carry it blindly the whole life with them without even knowing of it. So, in last days, I really opened my eyes and got new perspectives. This joy and satisfaction will go further in the world wherever the wind brings me. It’s so unimportant, where I am and what time it is. What is important is that I am.
From now I go my way, wherever it leads me and try to live the mantras, the truth and enjoy myself in my natural state of being.

Thank you…